Perl 5.20

Submitted by Desti on Do, 2014-05-29 02:28
    Enhancements include:

      * Experimental Subroutine signatures

      * subs now take a prototype attribute

      * More consistent prototype parsing

      * rand now uses a consistent random number generator

      * New slice syntax

      * Experimental Postfix Dereferencing

      * Unicode 6.3 now supported

      * New \p{Unicode} regular expression pattern property

      * Better 64-bit support

      * use locale now works on UTF-8 locales

      * use locale now compiles on systems without locale ability

      * More locale initialization fallback options

      * -DL runtime option now added for tracing locale setting

      * -F now implies -a and -a implies -n

      * $a and $b warnings exemption